Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Babette... A journey in color

A journey in color is the phrase used in the article http://www.interweavecrochet.com/2006/materials.asp , and the phrase that continues running through my head as I crochet these little squares.
UPDATE : magazine sold out...PDF available here.

I am using the colors in the pattern..which is not the way I normally do things.
I love bright, mixed colors.. and never what patterns suggest for the larger audience.
Thinking I must learn to use colors more "normal".. I have seen nothing but drab.
But.. I feel like my choices have become routine, and in the middle of my Ripple-a-Long ripple...there it was... my standard choices screaming ..."it's time for change !"

Went through and through my pattern books and magazines.. when there it was .. the end of my quest. The Babette Blanket !
Bought that issue just for this moment in time. ;)

My resolve is constantly being tested.. as I come onto a positively hateful color mix in a particular square.. but I persist. I will NOT slip back into my old ways on this blanket.
What I have found is there is always a REASON for the 'hateful' square being there when viewed as a whole blanket.. and fudging will downgrade the finished product at this point.

I find myself enjoying the guessing as to the influences to this combination of color. It feels a bit Pennsylvania Dutch ? or Brazilian ? Yet as I focus on the shapes / numbers/ balance.. it feels Asian to me ? Enjoying the mystery for now.
Here's hoping the squares tonight happen to be pleasant ones..*lol* The last two ,last night were almost my undoing.

I used a mix of Simply Soft, TLC Essentials, RH Soft, and Bernat Satin in my attempt to duplicate the original that I fell in love with. My afghans are washed often, so the acrylic works best.

Tips and Tricks
1. Do the last large block first !
I find I am in good company while viewing other Babette's on Flicker.. many of us run out of steam on the last block.. 'cause it's huge.. and now we are finding the process less interesting...and the prospect of the huge block a bit over whelming.

2. To lessen the number of ends to weave in...and speed up the joining process... eventually I learned ..
When starting the last color of each square.. do it about three chains before a corner. As that color is finished.. slip stitch to the corner... leave a long enough length of yarn to join two sides. ..plus a bit to weave in.
Once I figured this out.. things really moved along.

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Liz said...

So beautiful......

renee said...

I am seriously impressed with your progress on this blanket. I have been wanting to try this blanket ever since I came across it in the magazine, but I can NOT bring myself to sew together all those tiny squares! Just CAN NOT do it!

Sandy said...

What yarn are you using? Looks great.

Nancy said...

awesome! LOVE IT!!!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

That is so absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the links to the Flickr site & to the PDF file. I envy you putting that one together. You'll treasure it!
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