Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jewel of an Afghan

This is a Ruthie Marks pattern...done is Caron Simply Soft.

Pattern in this booklet
Ruthie's Easy Crocheted Afghans

BTW... ALL of the patterns are equally nice.
Yes.. it's full of bobbles, but they go fast once you get 'in the bobble groove'.
Yes.. same rose garden...just earlier in the year. This seems to show the detail a bit better ..
yes, that's me..had my hair up on top of my head that day it seems. ;)

Blanket of Roses complete

And it only took me about a month to photograph it. ;)
Which I see now.. needs a complete redo. Sure didn't come out well on Blogger...back to the drawing board. Seem an almost bad picture seriously degrades in the transfer.

Here is the pattern Blanket of Roses Afghan

Soft Waves Ripple update

Yeah... First week of Rose Festival here in the City of Roses, Portland Oregon.
So it seems only appropriate to hike a whole three blocks over to one of our neighborhood rose gardens...since it's not raining as one would expect this week. This also happens to be a spot I enjoy sitting and rippling. :D

Pattern here 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns .

Yarns.. Caron Simply Soft, RH Soft Yarn, and a few pale tones of TLC Essentials.

Hook : Clover Soft Touch sizes G / 4.4 mm and H / 5.0mm .
Started with 200 ch. wide. Measures 50 inches wide.