Friday, July 13, 2007

In Bloom market bag

Done in all Lion brand cottons and using one of the patterns in this leaflet...

All the patterns in this booklet are equally nice, and easy to follow.

I originally only meant to use this for running up to the grocery.. but find the colors make me feel happy..and have been using it for everyday pocketbook duties.
I did slightly widen the shoulder strap to increase weight carried comfort.. and also lengthened the strap to fit messenger bag style. Makes it a darn handy bag.

Yes.. that's a Ripple Blankie in there on an outing. ;)


Cindy said...

How cute! I love purses! I have to make one now that I've seen yours! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

It's me again! Why don't you post that on the Granny along? I'm sure everyone would love to see it!
I think I remember having seen your work on there (or the ripple along?) before, but if not, the URL is
and if you aren't able to post, you will have to send an e-mail requesting access. Hope to see you there!

Karen said...

I really love the colors on your bag, great job :)

Jessica B. said...

LOVE that bag! I'm going to have to make one!

If youo don't mind my pesting - have youo heard anything about the granny group? I'm still waiting (three weeks now) to get on that group - and I've emailed the proper folks a fwe times. I'm trying to get onto the grannyalong and crochetalong blogs. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Jessica (don't froget the dot between jess/bezz)

Thanxs again - and sorry for the pesting!

Terri Lynn said...


Terri Lynn said...

You are such and enabler! Those totes are great! I keep thinking hemp for totes!

brandylynn0715 said...

I love this pattern. Is it posted anywhere? The book seems to be out of print. Your color scheme is awesome!!! Very creative and eye catching.