Monday, December 17, 2007


From Elan,

We've found these categories to be somewhat broad
in gauge categories. On our website we've
decided all our yarns into 10 gauge categories,
which allow for more accurate substitution of

For your future reference, here are
the gauge categories used at Elann:

List of Gauge Categories at

8-11 st/4" Polar Weight (which includes
some yarns with less than 8 st/4")
12-14 st/4" Bulky Weight
15-16 st/4" Chunky Weight
17-18 st/4" Aran Weight
19-20 st/4" Worsted Weight
21-23 st/4" DK Weight
24-26 st/4" Sport Weight
27-29 st/4" Fingering Weight
30-32 st/4" Baby Weight
33-40 st/4" Lace Weight

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